University tunes in for World Radio Day


Three years ago, the University’s own radio station, Radio LaB, began broadcasting full-time from the Luton campus.

Since obtaining a community licence in 2010, the student run station has offered music, topical debate, sport, comedy, drama and even poetry across Luton and the surrounding area.

Tomorrow, the station will embark on an international journey into broadcasting to celebrate World Radio Day on Wednesday, 13 February.

Radio LaB will take to the airwaves with a two hour show featuring interviews from radio stations from around the world, from Ibiza to Australia, from Zimbabwe to Greece, to explore how different countries use radio.

Matt Post, one of Radio LaB’s student station, said: “We have learnt how different countries use radio for different things. In Ibiza, it’s a sort of party atmosphere to get people in the mood to go out. But for the Zimbabwean exiles who broadcast from London, it’s a tool to speak out against totalitarian governments.”

Matt, along with fellow station managers, Alex Sarwar, Aretos Grammatas, Caolan Cosgrove and Amy Beck, have worked for two weeks to arrange the content for the show, including an interview with the Chief of the Communication and Information Sector for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Mirta Lourenço.

“We got in contact with all these people from all over the world. I never expected we would be doing anything like this,” said Alex, who studies Sports Journalism. “It’s been challenging but very enjoyable too.”

There will also be interview with the staff from Luton’s second community station, Diverse FM, discusses how radio can bring communities together.

“We wanted to get the community involved as Radio LaB and Diverse are both community stations and we wanted to show what Luton can do as a community,” said Matt.

Radio LaB’s project co-ordinator Dr Janey Gordon said: “World Radio Day draws attention to the way that radio is used all over the globe to inform people of what is happening, educate them about possibilities and provide music and humour to accompany them as they go about their daily lives.”

Catch the show on Wednesday by tuning into 97.1FM from 2pm to 4pm.

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