24 Hours 24 DJs: First 12 Hour Recap

At 7pm yesterday evening, Radio LaB 97.1fm began our 24 hours 24 DJs marathon, in an attempt to raise £500 for Red Nose Day.

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We began with Caolan and John starting things off, introducing our marathon in celebration for Comic Relief. Playing some interviews showing where the money donated goes and how it makes an impact on unfortunate people’s lives. They also gave a sneak preview of what was to come.


We had Steve and Amy in, with Steve managing to somehow hold 16 marshmallows in his mouth without swallowing before, letting it all out into the bin, in a brutal turn of events. Certainly something to savour.

Next came some Chilli Con Carnage. First off Nathan, Caolan and Aris all ate a series of steaming hot chillis which saw all three go bright red and make use of the milkshakes bought in preparation of the challenge. All three came through the challenge relatively unscathed bar Caolan. He looked decidedly worse for wear when done.


Although if he was bad, it was nowhere near as bad as what Friday Fling members Joshua and Kieron felt after tasting the same chilli. Kieron was forced to semi strip live on air, with Joshua panting for air as he was unable to control the heat. It was a wonder Kieron managed to conclude the show, while gasping for breath at the same time.


Things got decidedly worse for the Radio LaB managers and Football LaB presenters Alex & Matt. Jimmy Ginger stunned the pair with his surprise of facepaints that he brought into the studio. A few minutes later and both managers looked unrecognisable as they were both covered by layer upon layer of facepaint and decorations.


The facepainting continued in earnest as Callum & George of Monday Madness guested on Rob John’s show. After a lie to me gameshow both Monday Madness lads ended smothered in paint. It wouldn’t be the end of the woes suffered by those two as part two will reveal…

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