24 Hours 24 DJs: Second 12 Hour Recap

After a fantastic first half of our 24 hour marathon, we continued in the same manner, leading into the second half of our broadcast.


There was no better pairing to start with than Danny and Sophie, who kicked 7am off in style, giving away a pair of Cinema tickets and getting people out of bed with all kinds of up to date pop music.


Following on from that we had the unlikely pairing of Luke Middleton and Tyrone Vidal, later on in the morning we were treated to a musical masterclass from DJ Tazer and his right hand man Shaun. These DJs really gave us the kickstart we needed to push on with our donations and continue making a little bit of Radio LaB history.


Claire, Grant & Shireen then successfully conducted our first ever outside broadcast. Taking place outside the Mezzanine Bar they were set loose upon the SU Bar with numerous challenges and competitions which involved giving away some Aviva Pamper Packages. The search for the gold star Red Nose was long, but finally they found a winner.


We then moved on to the Football LaB v Monday Madnesses quiz off, which was won by The Football LaB fairly comfortably in the end after a slow start. With Calum & George forced to don the embarrassing T-Shirts and take the buckets off to gain donations we moved on to Aris, George, James and Matt, followed by Neil & Nessa. These contained comedy and children’s music, while fancy dress costumes ensured excitement while Aris got a makeover.


As the 24 hours drew to a close, we had the “drag” of the Hangover Club, Richard & Jason, and Matt Fernando with his crew. During these shows we reached his target and we wrapped things up  rather fittingly with the management .

Thanks very much everyone who donated and contributed to such a brilliant event and hopefully we’ve made a difference money wise to Comic Relief.

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