Radio LaB reaching 6k young Lutonians weekly

headphonesMore good news for Radio LaB in its latest ‘Listener Figure Report’.

The figures reveal that Radio LaB is reaching 11% of its target audience with an estimated 5,829 people aged 18-29 living in the reach area (LU1-LU6 postcode) listening in to Radio LaB weekly.

Terry Lee, Radio LaB Co-ordinator said on hearing the news: “The University of Bedfordshire is lucky to have a full FM Community Radio license for Radio LaB, and this report tells us that we are using it to full effect, engaging with thousands of young people across the University and Luton.

“It’s fantastic for our students and volunteers to be able to see just how much their voices and views are being heard – a triumph for community media.

“We will now look to further develop Radio LaB to ensure that we continue to offer both an excellent output for those who tune in, and an enjoyable experience for those who volunteer with us.”

The results follow a street survey that took place in Oct/ Nov 2015 created independently by ‘Blueprint Research & Training’ in Norwich.

The report can be read here: Estimated Listener Figures April 16 – Exec Summary – Radio LaB

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