Radio LaB 97.1FM is a community radio station that broadcasts throughout Luton and Bedfordshire from the University of Bedfordshire’s Luton campus centre.

We offer a wide range of alternative music from many different genres, and the diversity of music that you can hear mirrors the diversity of our presenters and the community as a whole.

The station obtained a community licence in 2010 and since then we have been keen to showcase local talent and culture.

Our shows are bought to you both by students and members of the community. They vary dramatically from specialist music shows, to light entertainment, to news programmes.

Radio LaB bears the imprint of local culture in all of its output, featuring many different aspects of the arts produced in Luton and Bedfordshire, such as literary readings from local authors and performances from local musicians.

Our station not only gives the listener the chance to hear local news and current affairs but to celebrate the diversity of cultures in our community.