Managers and Presenters

Radio LaB’s managers for 2016-17 are:

Chloe Calvin, Daytona Leonard, Kayleigh Saunders, Matthew Udall, Miguel Viana & Steve Wells.

The Radio LaB Coordinator is Terry Lee. Terry’s main role as the member of staff responsible for Radio LaB is to ensure that everyone involved gets the best experience possible. Follow Terry on twitter @terryleeradio.


Gary Tottingham
Likes - Psychology, Drama and Music. Dislikes - Liars. If there's any music I don't like, I haven't heard it yet. I'm a mature student studying psychology counselling and therapies. I'm loving university life and the RadioLaB experience. Interests - Living Before I Die Name of Show - Gold Breakfast - Thursday/Friday/Saturday 8 - 10am.
Luke Walsh
Likes - A range of music. Dislikes - Tottenham Hotspur I love all music - rock 'n' roll to Pop, Irish music to Portuguese music. I am a first year broadcast journalism student and I am loving it. I am also born and bred in Luton! Name of Show - Football Lab Saturday 2pm - 5pm & Walsh Weekly Sunday 12am - 3pm.
Hal Owen
Likes - Food, Electroswing, Cars. Generally didn't listen to music until 11. I listen to The Beatles and still do. At 13, I got into Dubstep, at 14 I got into drum and bass, at 5 I got into Glitch Hop. Got into Sixth Form and met a fellow basshead. I got into trap music at 17, at 18 started loving Grime. I can't wait for my next 'phase'. Name of Show - Friday Morning Show - 10am - 12am
Ben, Georgia and Charlotte Priot, Palmer and Cowan
All - Alternative & Indie Ben - Sports, Arsenal, F1, Deadpool. Georgia - Celebrities, Fashion, Comedy Films & Chick Flicks. Charlotte - Disney, Hunger Games, Divergent & anything Nicholas Sparks. Name of Show - Pree's. Friday 4:30pm.
Ryan Pugh
Likes - Metal, Gaming, Puns. Dislikes - Drake. I have loved and almost exclusively listened to Metal since secondary school and have always had a passion for performance and presenting so a Radio show was a natural thing for me to take on. I was doing shows on RadioLaB throughout my university life and was delighted when they agreed to let me continue presenting and talking about my love of metal. My show combines old and new, heavy and soft popular and unknown so if you have even a small interest in Metal you can check out my show every Friday 6 - 8pm. Name of Show - Just Noise - 6pm - 8pm.
Charlie Baker
Likes - Computers, Physics, Maths, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Video Games. Dislikes - Sports. Music Preferences - Pretty much any genre, with a particular interest in Electronic genres. History - Originally a maths student from a grammar school in the East Midlands, I moved down to Luton to study AI + Robotics. Interests - Enjoys video games, researching random concepts from various fields, giving out random and useless knowledge, playing Magic: The Gathering, Tabletop gaming and movies. Name of Show - Constantly in Flux - Thursday 8pm - 10pm, Friday Lunchtime Show - Friday - 12am - 2pm.