Radio LaB broadcasts Beds SU Elections Question Time Event

OB kitRadio LaB successfully broadcast the Beds SU Question Time event live, which took place in the Beds SU Lounge, on Thursday 26th February.

This meant more people than ever before were able to hear the Beds SU Election candidates being grilled by the questions from the audience, as well as some questions that were submitted online.

One audience member we spoke to said: “I was working on an assignment so I knew I would be late to the debate, luckily I was able to tune in Radio LaB and didn’t miss a thing!”

If you missed the broadcast, click here to listen again.BedsSU

Tune in to Radio LaB on Friday 6th March from 9:30pm to hear the Beds SU Elections results night – live from Sub2.


Radio LaB’s Jack Beeston interviews Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls

webedballsinterviewBroadcast Journalism student Jack Beeston was on hand to grab an interview with Labour Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls when he paid a visit to the University of Bedfordshire’s Bedford Campus on the election campaign trail.

The Shadow Chancellor took time out from his busy schedule to give Jack an interview for Radio Lab, the University’s full time community radio station, serving students at the University of Bedfordshire and also the wider community of Luton.

The interview which will be broadcasted on Friday tackled many of the topics students will be considering before voting in the General Election on 7 May 2015.

Tuition fees were top of Jack’s list of questions asking Mr Balls about Labour plans for student tuition fees if they were to get elected’. He also asked the Shadow Chancellor his views on unpaid work experience and what he would do to make university education more accessible to those from more deprived backgrounds.

However the Shadow Chancellor wasn’t drawn on making an announcement on tuition fees; simply pointing out that they were currently finalising plans before publishing their manifesto.

Ed Balls who was in Bedford to support Patrick Hall, the Labour parliamentary candidate for Bedford and Kempston said in his interview with Jack: “Young people need to know that the course they are going to study is going to deliver them the jobs and wages which are going to make their lives better.

“I realise that students at university are having to choose between working and coming here to learn.”

Jack said: “I was really glad Ed Balls could take time out for me. Our listeners will be able to take a lot from the interview and will be more informed ahead of the election.”