Student Managers

Radio LaB’s managers for 2020-21 are:

Megan Murphy

Course: Radio and Audio

About me: “I chose to study radio as I was really interested in the way people can create vivid images in the listener’s mind through only using sound, this was something I was curious to try myself. I’m also a bit of a news geek so I thought I’d try my shot at Radio news as a merge between my two interests. My favourite type of music is your typical chart music, but have recently been listening to a lot of house music as well.”

Anthony Reynolds

Course: Radio and Audio

About me: “I’ve always been passionate about radio since I was young. The presenting, the music and the fun of it just made me want to go and do it. So for me it seemed like the right choice to do to go and study it at university. I have a variety of taste in music, and I am not ashamed to say it, I’m a huge Bruno Mars fan. But more recently during lockdown I’ve really been getting into 90’s house and drum and bass music.”

Rhea Howell

Course: Radio and Audio

About me: “I started working at a very young age after giving up my college education. Higher Education did not appeal to me until I discovered I was able to study a course that was related to my passion, which is radio. My course provides me with all the necessary tools required to become a successful radio presenter. I love the flexibility, meeting people from all walks of life and of course the music. I love all types of music, however my personal favourite would have to be old school RnB. Everyday I wonder why it took me so long to pursue this path!”

Terry Lee, Senior Tutor in Radio & Audio, is the member of staff responsible for Radio LaB is to ensure that everyone involved gets the best experience possible. Follow Terry on twitter @terryleeradio.

If you’re interested in being a Radio LaB student manager, click here.