Podcast Focuses On 25 Years Of Radio LaB

In the latest episode of Fantastic Noise, Terry reflects on the 25th birthday of the University Of Bedfordshire’s community radio station, Radio LaB 97.1FM. 

In May 2022 everyone at the University was celebrating. Our beloved radio station, Radio LaB, was marking 25 years since it’s first incarnation as Luton FM in May 1997. Back then, the station was live for just 28 days at a time – on a Restricted Service Licence, or RSL.

Two students, who have now just graduated, led on Radio LaB’s 25 year celebrations, by hosting a 25 hour marathon programme. Each hour featured music and alumni voices from a different year, starting with 1997 going on to the present day. It was a lot of work for Nathan Randle and Toby Crabb – but they did a great job. So great, with so much quality material, Terry used some of the interviews they conducted with successful Radio LaB alumni for a Fantastic Noise episode.

Listen to the podcast below:

With thanks to:

  • Melvin Odoom
  • Sam Darlaston
  • Becky Jago
  • Dan Prior
  • Megan Murphy
  • Kelly Betts
  • Sid Cole
  • Toby Friedner
  • Nathan Randle
  • and Toby Crabb

for their contributions to this podcast.