Is the UK doing enough for Child Migrants?

By Jack Edward Michael Wilson

“More needs to be done to help children seeking asylum” says University of Bedfordshire’s Dr Helen Connolly.

Speaking to students at the university, Dr Helen Connolly stressed that child migrants face “unique dangers such as abduction, forced inscription to the military and violence within war”

She also said that children seeking asylum will often suffer from poor mental health, not only from their “pre-migration experiences of warzones and humanitarian atrocities” but also from migration itself where children are at risk of being kidnapped by human traffickers and are forced to “witness a lot of death from boats capsizing”.

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Is the Future of Vauxhall in Luton?

By Carla Esteves

As Brexit been the top story news for the past 2 years, a lot of people are concerned with their jobs and their businesses.

That is the case of Vauxhall, that with a no deal situation will be highly affected by the UK leaving the European Union.

As Carlos Tavares said to the BBC news if there is a no free trade condition there will be drastic consequences for the business in the UK which he would preferably like to avoid.

“For us the situation is crystal clear. We need free trade.”

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