The Exchange

agc logoIn Association with Age Concern Luton, and Luton Sixth Form College, Radio LaB is pleased to be broadcasting ‘The Exchange’.

‘The Exchange’ is an inter-generational 4-part radio mini-series, where one volunteer from Age Concern lsfc logoLuton and one student from LSFC exchange song selections with each other.

Two different generations of Lutonians, brought together by music. Sharing passions, memories and emotions with eachother.

Radio LaB Coordinator, Terry Lee, says:
“The Exchange isn’t just a radio series, it’s a social experiment, and the results have been very interesting. In these four programmes you’ll hear music of all genres, you’ll hear honest responses, you’ll hear friendships being created. And each programme is completely individual, and a compelling listen.

“Radio LaB is committed to working with local partner organisations to make radio programmes that affect our target communities.”

Listen to ‘The Exchange’ at these times:

Feb 22nd 9am – Amanda and Katie
March 1st 9am – Adam and Brenda
March 8th 9am – Gillian and Harry
March 15th 9am – Chris and Tony