Rhea’s December Hot Chocolate Bombs

As we enter December and the cold weather sets in, what’s a better way to warm yourself up than with a Hot Chocolate Bomb!

Student Manager, Rhea Howell, has been experimenting in the kitchen whilst in lockdown and has come up with a sweet treat she wanted to share with our listeners this festive season. We featured this recipe on our show on Thursday 3rd December at 11.30am.

Rhea’s Hot Chocolate Bombs. The perfect winter treat!

Here’s Rhea’s step-by-step guide to making these tasty treats!

To get started you’re going to need to get yourself these ingredients : 

  • Your choice of chocolate 
  • Any hot chocolate mixture
  • A handful of Marshmallows
  • Half circle flexible baking moulds

Now here’s how you make them:

  • Melt chocolate on heat (on the stove or the microwave) until smooth & pourable. Be sure not to burn it!
  • Pour the chocolate thickly into the flexible baking mould – make sure it’s spread evenly!
  • Freeze the mould with its chocolate contents for 5-10 mins 
  • Gently remove your chocolate half spheres from the mould 
  • Add your hot chocolate mix & marshmallows to 1 half chocolate sphere.
  • Gently heat the edges of the other half of chocolate on a microwaveable plate or heated pan. Be careful not to melt it too much, you just want to heat it enough to stick the half spheres together.
  • Stick together to half spheres and leave to set in the fridge for 5 minutes.
  • Finally decorate with sprinkles or drizzle with extra chocolate & enjoy! 

We’d love to see your own recreations of Rhea’s Hot Chocolate Bombs! Post your creations online and make sure to tag us at @RadioLaB971fm

Good Luck! 🍫🥛