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Drug-driving Prevention

The University of Bedfordshire’s community radio station Radio LaB has teamed up with Luton Council and Smart Safe to support a campaign to discourage people from drug-driving.

Radio LaB produced a radio advert supporting the campaign. Listen to the audio

The advert was produced and voiced by Radio LaB student managers Kayleigh Saunders, Matthew Udall and Steven Wells.

Sports Journalism student Matthew said: “Unfortunately you cannot escape the fact that drug driving is a thing. And it could be our friends and family that become the next innocent victim. That is why it was a great pleasure working with Luton Council to hopefully make a difference. “

Media Production student Kayleigh said: “I really enjoyed the experience I gained from working with Smart Safe and Luton Council on this project. Having helped to make this advert, it has also opened my mind to different career options too after I graduate. I am now considering voice over work which I hadn’t before.”

Music Technology student Steve said: “I’m honoured to be a part of this campaign as I believe there isn’t enough public awareness about drug driving. Drugs can have as much impact on your ability to drive as alcohol and if the adverts save even one life, then that is a huge achievement.”

Radio LaB Coordinator Terry Lee said: “As a Community Radio station, Radio LaB is always proud to support local authorities and support services in getting their message out to young people and students in Luton. I’m so pleased with how our students have conducted themselves with this project. It’s been a fantastic opportunity for them to work on creating a serious, important message.”

Caption: Kath Greenaway, Road Safety Manager, Luton Council, Claire Peter, Smart Safe Alcohol & Drug Worker (Schools), Radio LaB Coordinator Terry Lee and student Matthew Udall

Vesper House Lunch Club

‘The Vesper House Lunch Club’ – in association with Age Concern Luton.

Radio LaB has been working with Age Concern Luton to create a 4 episode mini-series called ‘The Vesper House Lunch Club’.

Three Radio LaB student managers – Kayleigh Saunders, Matt Udall and Steve Wells – visited Age Concern’s thrice-weekly lunch club, where Luton pensioners are offered transport, food and fun.

The students asked all the service users and volunteers to pick a song that envoked memories, and recorded the conversations for radio.

4 hour long programmes will be broadcast on Sundays at 8am, starting on 5th February.

Claire Hussey – Wellbeing Officer – Age Concern Luton:
“The Service Users loved having Radio LaB at the lunch club, they loved talking about the music that meant so much to them – their memories are special to them and they love to share. We hope Radio LaB and the students come back again to do another project.”

Radio LaB student manager Kayleigh Saunders:
“I thoroughly enjoyed each day I spent at the Vesper House lunch club. It has made me consider volunteering at the club or a similar club at some point in the future as it’s great company and I really enjoyed talking with the older people and volunteers there.”

20161019_104645Radio LaB Coordinator Terry Lee:
“This radio project was about giving some of our town’s oldest voices a chance to share their stories, and introduce their favourite tunes. I’m proud of how Kayleigh, Matt and Steve spoke to the Age Concern service users with compassion and respect. Many of these users spend a lot of time alone – it was clear they enjoyed the conversations with our students.

“At Radio LaB we are always looking to work with organisations like Age Concern Luton, and hope to be involved in more community engagement projects in the near future.”